Team BinB

BinB Core committee:

Like any other organized associations in Bangalore, BinB also has a “Core committee”, BinB members part of the BinB Core committee are known as “BinB Core member”. Core members are expected to have the maximum responsibility when it comes to planning the way forward for BinB. “Office bearers (President, General Secretary, and Treasurer) are also a part of the Core committee group. This group is instrumental in driving the way BinB functions all through the year. All the decisions and planning pertaining to BinB is unitedly taken forward by the “Core committee” members.

President – Ananyabrata Bhakta

Secretary – Nirmalya Datta

BinB Executive member:Executive members play the role of an advisory body to the “Office Bearers”. They will assist the “Office Bearers” in ensuring that Bengali in Bangalore society is successful as an organization in its endeavors.

BinB Cultural

“Cultures grow on the vine of tradition.” –Jonah Goldberg

One fine rainy day when few of BinB members met over a cup of coffee and pakora, discussing about their nostalgic childhood Durga Puja celebrations with some famous Bengali dance dramas, musical bands and Bengali theatres. With that reference in mind some of the culturally inclined members of BinB thought of providing a similar kind of taste to the ‘Probashi Bangali’s’ of Bangalore. And that’s how, the team started planning towards the enactment of “Samanyo khyoti” and “Tollywood through ages” popular Bengali dance dramas during Durgotsav 2012. All the excitement, nervousness, shakiness of the team came to an end when people from the audience provided a standing ovation after the performance.

This is how the Cultural team was encouraged to perform other well-known dance dramas like Chandalika, Chitrangada, Swanasyashi Upoguptyo and many more to showcase Bengali tradition, culture and heritage. And this is how, BinB Cultural team was founded, with a vision to provide platform for individuals to showcase their talent.

From then till date BinB believes in encouraging various creative forms like singing, dancing, mime acts, magic performances, drama performance, etc. Although BinB is an exclusive Bengali association, however BinB never restricts performers to only Bengali centric performances but also have explored many other regional talents like Dolukunita, special drummers from Kerala and many more.

During Durga Puja, BinB cultural team has successfully staged various rock band performances by Oxygen on the rocks, Padatik, Alpin, BinB backbenchers (BinB’s own band) to name a few. During last year Durga puja, eminent Bengali rock band Fakiri and popular singer Joy Bhodro had performed on BinB stage.

An evening spent at BinB Durga puja will give anyone a feeling like being at ‘Maddox Square’.

One of the main objectives of BinB cultural team is to promote future talent by organizing specific kids program like – Drawing competition and fancy dress competitions to name some.  In the past, BinB kids have enacted “Furuth” famous Bengali drama based on the story by Upendra Kishore Roychoudhury. BinB Kids have also staged individual performances like dancing, singing and playing drums.

Although the major focus of the Cultural team lies on BinB Durga Puja, being said that the team has also successfully organized Borshoboron, Chaitra Utsav and many other cultural programs in the past. BinB Cultural team has played a crucial role in organizing annual picnic, Holi celebrations and other gateways as well.

The BinB Cultural team is being spearheaded by Sailee Maitee, Sushmita Das, Amrita Dey and Tiyasha Ghosh.

BinB Social Responsibility

“The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.”-Mary Ritter Beard

No man can live as an island. Our organization believes in the concept of being socially responsible and reaching out to the masses when required. BinB has been actively contributing to the Society through relentless social drives.

The members of our organization individually and collectively nurture the philanthropic zeal to reach out to people who are in need for help and support. The Social Wing of BinB has been engaged in various causes for the benefit of the surrounding. To enumerate a few chronologically –

1) Blood Donation

2) Free Health check up during Durga puja

3) Distribution of fruits in Kidwai Cancer Hospital to the affected kids

4) Disaster relief activity

In the year 2015, BinB came forward to help Chennai flood affected people. By the name “Help Chennai” we collected around 200 litres of packed milk and almost 1000 litres of drinkable mineral water. With the help of Bharat Sevasram, we had effectively distributed our contribution to the flood affected people in Chennai.

Bharat Sevasram also certified us as one of the prominent Bengali group in Bangalore

Recently, the massacre of Kerala / Karnataka flood has highly disturbed us. We had therefore planned to come together and be a part of the team that collaborates unanimously to help the needy. We partnered with Bharat Sevashram and contributed towards the flood victim.

The society is in need of charitable organizations and BinB takes pride to be one such organization that volunteer for the betterment and enrichment of the societal and humatarian services.

We are grateful to Devraj Dey and Sushmita Das for actively driving the BinB Social responsibility wing and each and every BinB member who have contributed towards making each and every drive a success.

BinB JobMart

“Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.” –Aristotle

BinB JobMart is a platform that provides career opportunity to the job seekers in Bangalore. Bengali in Bangalore (BinB) as a socio-cultural group have always tried to create an ecosystem that will help Bengali’s relocating to Bangalore feel at home. Apart from our other offerings, like sports, cultural events and celebrating Bengali festivities, we also try to help individuals find a job in Bangalore.

Earlier we had decided to pass on the news regarding vacancies to the job seekers. But then we realized the difficulty in reaching out to a mass. Hence this group was formed. It has the following objectives.

  • assist people with jobs
  • connect one person to another thereby improving the networking of each and every individual
  • give them the chance to choose from multiple opportunities
  • live interaction between people for a better understanding of the job

One thing, we had pledged to keep in mind was that we will not be like the job sites in the recent times, where in you have to either register or be a paid member in order to have better chances at grabbing your best shot. A Facebook group, to start with, has immense strength to keep people interconnected and that it surely did.

Keeping the original ethos of the BinB group and the job assistance infantile process in mind, BinB Job Mart was incepted as the brain child of Devraj Dey in the year 2016, one of the oldest and wisest members of BinB. The platform would not have achieved its glory today, without the dedication from Nirmalya Dutta, an HR professional with 8 yrs of job experience in the same field. His network and sheer execution brilliance have enabled BinB Job Mart to be a 5000+ members group today.

So coming to the present day when anybody hears about us, the first thing that comes to their minds is “Hey.. You only help Bengalis?” to which we flash our best smiles and say “Come and join us. We help all. All and specially the Bengalis residing in Bangalore or the other places where people of the same genre look us up on Facebook”

Current Strength and Operations

  • Currently we have 5000 members that are growing with every passing day
  • We have a wide range of opportunities in the IT Sector. Previously the statistics was not so good in other sectors. But in the past few years we have made advancements there as well
  • As of now we have successfully placed closed to 20 people

Perseverance is the Key to Success:

From the days of Orkut, BinB JobMart has turned out to be a platform for churning dreams into reality. The success stories are numerous in numbers and this has given added vintage to BinB, as a strong socio cultural organization in Bangalore. As mentioned in the beginning, all of us at BinB tries to create an ecosystem for Bengali’s who are relocating to Bangalore. Helping someone to find a good job is the first step towards any new person in Bangalore. We did realize that, by just collaborating and sharing opportunity we can make a difference to someone’s life. And after all, collaboration and helping each other is the core value of BinB and, we as members try to reflect the same across all our offerings.

BinB Sports

“Sports is something that is very inspirational for young people.” – Pelé

BinB organizes BinB sports event throughout the year.

The world of games inpires everyone be it young or aged.Therefore, the sports meet organised by us becomes a platform for anyone and everyone to come and share the feel of the green field that inspires,revitalises and beacons every soul!

The Sports Events that we organize are:

BinB Football:

Every year we organize football tournament,the most famous being  our fans derby, the match between the East Bengal and MohounBagan fans club here in Bangalore, being organized since last five years.  This is the day for which all the Bengalis in Bangalore wait eagerly.The bengalis hold a special place of importance in this game since it is of the bengalis,for the bengalis and by the bengalis.  Last year the media channel – ETV Bangla had  telecasted our match.

BinB Badminton & Table Tennis:

The spirit of badminton and table tennis  are cherised by all, for it is not confined to any community,religion or region.Badminton and table tennis being a game of reflex and fast action,  tests the zeal and the passion of the paticipant combating against his opponent.BinB organisation believes in the spirit of this game and therefore encourages everyone to come and test their ability in it.

BinB Cricket:

Cricket is worshiped in India more by the name of religion than by game.BinB organization is no less behind uphold the name of this religion called cricket.the game of cricket organised by BinB though not cliched but is preferably for members.

We are grateful to

  • Nirmalya Dutta
  • Swarnava Sengupta
  • Poulomi Choudhuri

For taking the initiative and coming forward to host the mega event as a platform for one and all.