BinB Sports

“Sports is something that is very inspirational for young people.” – Pelé

BinB organizes BinB sports event throughout the year.

The world of games inpires everyone be it young or aged.Therefore, the sports meet organised by us becomes a platform for anyone and everyone to come and share the feel of the green field that inspires,revitalises and beacons every soul!

The Sports Events that we organize are:

BinB Football:

Every year we organize football tournament,the most famous being  our fans derby, the match between the East Bengal and MohounBagan fans club here in Bangalore, being organized since last five years.  This is the day for which all the Bengalis in Bangalore wait eagerly.The bengalis hold a special place of importance in this game since it is of the bengalis,for the bengalis and by the bengalis.  Last year the media channel – ETV Bangla had  telecasted our match.

BinB Badminton & Table Tennis:

The spirit of badminton and table tennis  are cherised by all, for it is not confined to any community,religion or region.Badminton and table tennis being a game of reflex and fast action,  tests the zeal and the passion of the paticipant combating against his opponent.BinB organisation believes in the spirit of this game and therefore encourages everyone to come and test their ability in it.

BinB Cricket:

Cricket is worshiped in India more by the name of religion than by game.BinB organization is no less behind uphold the name of this religion called cricket.the game of cricket organised by BinB though not cliched but is preferably for members.

We are grateful to

  • Nirmalya Dutta
  • Swarnava Sengupta
  • Poulomi Choudhuri

For taking the initiative and coming forward to host the mega event as a platform for one and all.