BinB Social Responsibility

“The results of philanthropy are always beyond calculation.”-Mary Ritter Beard

No man can live as an island. Our organization believes in the concept of being socially responsible and reaching out to the masses when required. BinB has been actively contributing to the Society through relentless social drives.

The members of our organization individually and collectively nurture the philanthropic zeal to reach out to people who are in need for help and support. The Social Wing of BinB has been engaged in various causes for the benefit of the surrounding. To enumerate a few chronologically –

1) Blood Donation

2) Free Health check up during Durga puja

3) Distribution of fruits in Kidwai Cancer Hospital to the affected kids

4) Disaster relief activity

In the year 2015, BinB came forward to help Chennai flood affected people. By the name “Help Chennai” we collected around 200 litres of packed milk and almost 1000 litres of drinkable mineral water. With the help of Bharat Sevasram, we had effectively distributed our contribution to the flood affected people in Chennai.

Bharat Sevasram also certified us as one of the prominent Bengali group in Bangalore

Recently, the massacre of Kerala / Karnataka flood has highly disturbed us. We had therefore planned to come together and be a part of the team that collaborates unanimously to help the needy. We partnered with Bharat Sevashram and contributed towards the flood victim.

The society is in need of charitable organizations and BinB takes pride to be one such organization that volunteer for the betterment and enrichment of the societal and humatarian services.

We are grateful to Devraj Dey and Sushmita Das for actively driving the BinB Social responsibility wing and each and every BinB member who have contributed towards making each and every drive a success.