BinB Cultural

“Cultures grow on the vine of tradition.” –Jonah Goldberg

One fine rainy day when few of BinB members met over a cup of coffee and pakora, discussing about their nostalgic childhood Durga Puja celebrations with some famous Bengali dance dramas, musical bands and Bengali theatres. With that reference in mind some of the culturally inclined members of BinB thought of providing a similar kind of taste to the ‘Probashi Bangali’s’ of Bangalore. And that’s how, the team started planning towards the enactment of “Samanyo khyoti” and “Tollywood through ages” popular Bengali dance dramas during Durgotsav 2012. All the excitement, nervousness, shakiness of the team came to an end when people from the audience provided a standing ovation after the performance.

This is how the Cultural team was encouraged to perform other well-known dance dramas like Chandalika, Chitrangada, Swanasyashi Upoguptyo and many more to showcase Bengali tradition, culture and heritage. And this is how, BinB Cultural team was founded, with a vision to provide platform for individuals to showcase their talent.

From then till date BinB believes in encouraging various creative forms like singing, dancing, mime acts, magic performances, drama performance, etc. Although BinB is an exclusive Bengali association, however BinB never restricts performers to only Bengali centric performances but also have explored many other regional talents like Dolukunita, special drummers from Kerala and many more.

During Durga Puja, BinB cultural team has successfully staged various rock band performances by Oxygen on the rocks, Padatik, Alpin, BinB backbenchers (BinB’s own band) to name a few. During last year Durga puja, eminent Bengali rock band Fakiri and popular singer Joy Bhodro had performed on BinB stage.

An evening spent at BinB Durga puja will give anyone a feeling like being at ‘Maddox Square’.

One of the main objectives of BinB cultural team is to promote future talent by organizing specific kids program like – Drawing competition and fancy dress competitions to name some.  In the past, BinB kids have enacted “Furuth” famous Bengali drama based on the story by Upendra Kishore Roychoudhury. BinB Kids have also staged individual performances like dancing, singing and playing drums.

Although the major focus of the Cultural team lies on BinB Durga Puja, being said that the team has also successfully organized Borshoboron, Chaitra Utsav and many other cultural programs in the past. BinB Cultural team has played a crucial role in organizing annual picnic, Holi celebrations and other gateways as well.

The BinB Cultural team is being spearheaded by Sailee Maitee, Sushmita Das, Amrita Dey and Tiyasha Ghosh.