About Us

Door kono porobasey…

“Bengali In Bangalore” (BinB) was formed in the era of the famous social networking site named Orkut in the year 2005 by three friends. The aim was to create a platform for all the Bengalis who are connected to the Garden City Bangalore in any way and to create a cozy home for Bengalis online. We are now about 35000 people strong and growing.

We are proud to be the biggest non-residential Bengali Community online today.

Being a cumulative and ever growing community, people sometimes question the singularity in the name “Bengali” in Bangalore (why not “Bengalis” in Bangalore). What we feel is, that the singularity stands out for unity in the community that binds us, fellow Bengalis together, thus making it a single unit than a lot of diverse streams.

In these few years “Bengali in Bangalore” has grown in terms of its members, its events and achievements. It has also had its fair share of learning. Being a very active online Bengali community, it has made remarkable contributions in different stratas of the society which include social activities like visiting orphanages, primary level schools, old age homes and many such organisations and helping them with the basic amenities possible and continuing with the support.

BinB has always thrived to work for the society as a whole and in that respect has always been active in any socio cultural activities happening around. It has organized some memorable large-scale events which mainly includes yearly Saraswati Puja celebration, Bengali New Year celebration and “Barsha Boron Utshab” a unique concept of cultural function organized at the onset of the monsoon. Durga Puja is our biggest and the most popular event from the stable of BinB.

Many other ongoing events like monthly meets, discussion forums, Bengali Movie meets, Bangla Rock cafe etc are also available for everyone to enjoy.

So after such success in mainly the online world, we have now decided to launch “Bengali in Bangalore” in the real space as well with the aim of being a community large in its actions and not just in numerics.

We at BinB are continuously trying to make a difference in the society along with cherishing and nurturing the evergreen Bengali culture in all ways possible.

Let us dream big and make it a huge success!